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Terms and Conditions



Payment is due after the third day after receiving the invoice.




Brian Dillon Photos NEVER charges cancellation or rescheduling fees, unless the photo request is canceled less than one hour before the scheduled shoot. 


Copyright Notice:


Brian M. Dillon (AKA briandillonphotos) is the copyright holder of any image he creates or produces. The copyright of an image is not transferred to any other parties unless a specific written agreement is made. Licensing may be obtained for various applications of images. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

Photo Rights and Usage:


The original agent or user who authorized for this service has permission to use these images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property. The licensing agreement is valid only for the duration the home/property is listed for sale, rent, or lease and cannot be reused without specific permission.


Images can not be sold or given to another user who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing, as the purchasing agent or user does not own the photographs, but rather the right to use them during a specific term the property is for sale, rent or lease. The purchasing agent may reuse the photos if the property is temporarily removed from the market.

Question?  Email at

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